Documentation of Everyday Life

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“Understanding everyday life is the knowledge to transform it.”

The project aims to create and maintain an internet repository of data on various aspects of everyday life of Malayalees across the world.


  • Documentation of the everyday life of Malayalees Generation of data on personal, private and public events at the micro level.
  • Generation and documentation of data with the participation of maximum number of people.
  • The employment of perceptive and reliable methods for data generation and documentation.

A Day in the Life of a Malayalee

This segment will be profiling the everyday life of a Keralite/Malayalee; her/his lived experience on a typical day covering routine activities, thoughts and aspirations.

An ever-growing list of categories such as - A day in the life of a police woman, men, vendor, domestic servant, party-worker, public servant, peon, painter, writer, judge, minister, journalist, IT professional, taxi-driver, housewife, grandmother, football player, barber, student, priest, sanyasi, pilot, toddy-shop owner and customers, abkari- contractor, film-artist, beggar, fisherman, researcher, nomad, unemployed individual, underemployed person, photographer, typist, plantation labourer, waiter, cobbler etc - will make the social cross section as inclusive as possible.

Two types of A Day in the life of a Malayalee reports are expected in this effort.

  • First person reports of one’s own life on a particular day and
  • Reporting another person’s lived experience of a day. Prepare a report on a person’s a day’s life in consultation with him/her and upload it with the approval.

I have an event/experience to report

This effort wish to report on private and public events at the micro level. These reports of the 'I have an event/experience to report' kind would be the first information record or eye-witness account drawn from the immediate vicinity of the reporter. This attempt is in a social science perspective to document the contemporary history for the benefit of a person who might read in the later years or century.

The coverage could be wide-ranging to include scarcely noticed events like natural deaths, births, marriages, ceremonies, crimes, corruption, suicides, calamities, hobbies, care of the aged etc.

  • You may upload your reports in Malayalam/English.
  • Please limit your entries to about 1500 words.
  • Please do click the save button before log out.

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