Inform us on the historical, archaeological and anthropological evidence available/known to you

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You may have in your hand various evidences of the past in the form of diaries, communications, photos, artifacts etc. Details of the evidences are listed in the flowchart. We request you to share with us those valuable documents to offer the generations the opportunity to engage with the roots of their culture. If you are willing to offer any of the above sources for documentation and digitization you are welcome to inform us. We will follow up your mails and help you to preserve our cultural and intellectual legacies for posterity. All contributions will be credited in the name of the donor and the expenses for the digitization will be met by the KCHR.

You may communicate with us in two ways:

Login in our digital archive ( ) using your DKP username & password and you can upload the details


Send us an email to /
Ph: 0471-2310409/6574988