Message - Professor K.N. Panikkar

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Prof.K N Panicker

Digitizing Kerala’s Past is an ambitious project of KCHR initiated a few years back. The idea is to retrieve considerable amount of resources of history both medieval & modern, lying unrecovered in various places. They include records with educational institutions, families, semi-governmental organizations and even at the village level administration. The easy availability of these sources in digital form will enhance the ability of historians and other social scientists to recover the dynamics of Kerala’s past, out of which would emerge the detailed exposition of the past in the words of the people of Kerala.

KCHR has already digitized the dairies of Eliamma Matthen which will be released to the use of scholars very soon. KCHR is currently engaged in digitizing the records of Central High School, Attakulangara, Thiruvananthapuram. Other educational institutions are being considered for the inclusion in the project.

I appeal to the enlighted public of Kerala to cooperate with this scheme and afford all possible assistance.

Kind regards,
Prof. K N Panicker,
KCHR Chairman (2001- March 2017 )