Online projects

  • Log in to the site using your Username and Password. (New users should register by clicking the link ‘create account’ on left sidebar).
  • Click on the link ‘Transcription Project ’ under the Online Projects on the sidebar for the transcription of diaries.
  • Under the project description, link of the KCHR Transcription projects are provided.
  • Click on the name of the project you are intrested.
  • After a brief introduction, you can see the link for transcription.
  • From the following page you can choose the volume you wish to transcribe from the available list. Each volume will lead to the pages available for transcribing.
  • Different color highlights of the page numbers indicate different status. You may select a page without any colour highlight for transcribing.


  • Please click a page number you wish to transcribe. The page will be opened in a new tab.
  • You can see the image of the page to be transcribed on the right side and an ‘Edit window’ on the left side. The matter in the image may be typed in the Edit window.
  • If you find a blank page by any chance, please change the page status to ‘Without Text’ by clicking the option ‘Without Text’ at the bottom of the page and save the page. If you find any issues with the page, you may select the option 'Problematic'.


  • You can directly go back to the Index page using the 'index' button (up arrow) on the top right corner of the page. Also you can navigate between the pages using the previous and next arrow buttons near to the index button.
  • Use the tool bar zoom in, zoom out buttons for your convenience. Vertical / horizontal view buttons in the tool bar will suggest a convenient view.


Eg:- Horizontal view


Eg:- Vertical View


  • As soon as you complete typing a sentence please save the page to prevent two users transcribing the page simultaneously.
  • While transcribing, if you are unable to identify any word or letter, put a dash/hyphen ('-') and continue transcribing.
  • To avoid the data loss during automatic time out or power failure etc. you are advised to save a copy of the typed data in any of the text editors (word/notepad/g-edit etc.)
  • Save the page by clicking the ‘save page’ button on the bottom of the page.
  • Please REMEMBER to save the page at regular intervals while transcribing to ensure your account. .
  • An incomplete transcribed page may be transcribed later at your convenience by clicking the ‘Edit’ option at the top of the page.

Edit png.png

  • You are not supposed to paste any images, external or internal links, html codes etc in the transcribing window.

Proofreading Instructions

  • We appeal your voluntary support to proofread the transcribed pages.
  • To access pages for proof reading, click on the ‘Proofreading projects’ in the Sidebar to view the list of the pages to be proofread.
  • To proofread a page, click ‘Edit’ on top of the page.
  • Please save at regular intervals to retain your edits.
  • After completing the proofread of the page, mark it as ‘proofread’ by clicking the yellow button at the bottom of the page and press save button.

Payment Procedure​ for the Transcription of the Diaries

After completing the transcription, or when you feel you need the payment for the work done please send a mail requesting for the Remuneration Request Form in the email id We will appreciate if you make the request after completing the transcription of at least 50 pages which would help us in minimizing our official procedures. We will process/verify the same and if found satisfactory the payment would be effected immediately. If time permits you can also visit the KCHR Library and meet the DKP team.

NB: If you have any queries please contact us.


Phone / Fax No: 91- 471 – 2310409.

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