Transcription Projects

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The initiative envisages transcribing and proofreading of rare books, diaries, letters and communications etc. of historical relevance with a view to digitally conserve and share them for academic research. We invite the voluntary participation of all interested people across the globe to transcribe and proof read these volumes. On completion, KCHR will publish these documents digitally. In the first Phase we plan to transcribe the diaries of Eliamma Matthen. KCHR is happy to offer an incentive (Rs.30/- per page of 2400 characters with space for transcription and Rs. 18/- per page for proofreading) as a token of our appreciation to girl students (Students up to Master's level), physically challenged persons, housewives and retired persons for their effort in the project. All voluntary efforts will be acknowledged in a fitting manner in the website.

KCHR Transcription Projects