I started my career in 1980 as staff nurse in Sree Chitira Thirunal Institute Of Medical Science and Technology, Trivandrum. I retired as head nurse in the ICU of Neuro Surgery Department in the year 2013. I would like to share a memorable day in my life. It happened on May 1st , 2012.

I left to Alwaye in Ernakulam early in the morning to see my grandson. By around 6pm while I was coming back to Trivandrum, I got a call in my mobile from my son. He said ” Mummy, there was a call telling that you got an award”. I just kept quite, disconnected the call and thought for a while. I called him back and asked whether the call was from Delhi. He told yes. I just cried and said “Oh! National Award, What else I need”. I cannot explain my emotional status at that time. I reached home by 9.30 pm and called back to Delhi and confirmed about my award. At last on May 12th, World Nurses Day I received my award from the Honorable President of India, Smt Prathiba Patil. This was the most memorable day and a wonderful experience in my life.