On that sunny day we were waiting for Dr. Chandramouli sir’s class. Students were making noise as they wanted to go out of the class. I was on my usual nap. Suddenly our sir entered the classroom. My friends were running around to occupy the back seats. After five to ten minutes we were all seated. I noticed that sir was carrying a a small beautiful red pouch which was tightly wrapped. The faculty started his lectures on neolithic period. As he was busy drawing the neolithic tools on the blackboard, I was eagerly waiting for the pouch to be opened. He taught us about the neolithic period and its tool types. After 20 minutes lecture, he opened that beautiful red pouch. To my surprise the pouch carried polished perfect-cut stones. My friends were disappointed. I was wondering what they could expect other than stones or pottery pieces from a brilliant archaeology professor. I started observing the the stone in professors’ hand. They were perfectly polished and had sharpened edges. He explained that these tools were used by the neolithic men. I noticed that the professor was very much interested in elaborating the knowledge out.He told us about the usage of different stones and the areas from which it was excavated. My north east friend who was sitting next to me was yawning. He was least interested in understanding these stones and he wanted the professor to stop lectures. After the lecture, the professor wanted us to take the tools in our hands and to observe it. He asked me to take the stone tools. I told him that i’ll take it later as i wanted to observe it for a long time. Rest all the students observed it and was handed over to me. When i touched that stone tools i was excited.How people at that ages could make such beautiful stone tools without advanced technology of today? Those tools reminds me of my amma’s small grinding stone. How did neolithic people killed animals with these stones? Is it possible for such primitive people to do this. Of course yes. I was confused. I looked at my professors face with a confused mind. Several doubts were flowing in my mind. After 15 minutes of observance I stood up and asked, “Sir, Are you sure that these tools were made my by our ancestors? Or is this just sample pieces made out of some artificial materials?”. The whole class burst out into laugh. They might have thought how stupid is this girl to ask such silly doubts. I looked my friend. She was giggling. “Are, this is none of our business. We just have to learn all those things and understand it. That’s all. No more fantasies and illusions. ” She said. I was worried for asking for such silly doubts. After the class, Sir asked me to come out of the class. I followed him. To my surprise, he cleared my doubt and said that these tools were originally used by ‘our’ ancestors. He also appreciated me for showing that spark in my eyes to ask such a question. It was completely out of curiosity.

I took the photographs of those stones and send it to my parents. I was sure that they might be wondering why this girl is sending some pictures of 7000 BC. But my heart was brimming with joy. I was lucky enough to touch the tools made by my ancestors.As a history student, I got the pleasure of visiting 7000 BC. And that was an unforgettable experience in my life.